Yamaha’s neo-retro Sport Heritage models draw their inspiration from some of the brand’s most iconic models that have helped to change the face of motorcycling over the last seven decades. Mixing state-of-the-art technology with timeless designs, Yamaha Faster Sons philosophy is the driving force that has led to the creation of a range of exciting and charismatic models that capture the true essence of motorcycling.

These ultra-cool machines pay tribute to the past with their beautifully-crafted components, and bring joy to many riders by offering a very special riding experience together with an immense pride of ownership.

XSR900 And XSR700
Photo courtesy Yamaha

New colours for the Sport Heritage models

For 2020 the Yamaha XSR900 will be available in a bold and exciting new 80 Black colour featuring an evocative black, red and gold colour scheme on the fuel tank covers and also on the exclusive colour coordinated side covers. This timeless design is inspired by Yamaha’s signature look from the 1980s, and it pays tribute to Yamaha’s iconic Special Edition RZ250 – the first generation of the company’s legendary liquid-cooled 2-stroke models that dominated the streets.

For 2020 both the XSR700 and XSR900 will be available in a new Racing Red colour. Featuring red, white and black fuel tank covers with a solid red front fender and gold wheels, these beautiful Sport Heritage models celebrate Yamaha’s winning factory road race machines from a previous era.