From the DesertX, the first Ducati equipped with a 21-inch front rim and 18-inch rear, now comes the new DesertX Rally model. It is characterised by the best race-bred components: the DesertX Rally adopts high-quality solutions that are both specialised and effective in off-road use and sophisticated as on all Ducatis. 

Developed and tested also on racetracks, the DesertX Rally prototype was the protagonist of the Iron Road Prolog at the Erzbergrodeo 2023 with Antoine Meo (multiple Enduro World Champion and European Supercross Champion) who took it to the top step of the podium in the twin-cylinder category (video illustrating Meo’s achievement here). 

Like all Ducatis, DesertX Rally has a unique and distinctive style. Thanks to the new livery and solutions typical of the off-road world that characterize its appearance, the DesertX Rally communicates its character from the very first glance. However, it is thanks to the technical equipment that the Rally becomes a real off-road motorbike. 

Ducati DesertX Rally
Courtesy Ducati

The high front mudguard guarantees use even in particularly difficult ground conditions, the Kayaba suspensions with increased travel with closed cartridge fork and shock absorber with larger piston are derived from motocross and allow the rider to overcome any obstacle, while the new central-spoked wheels with sizes and characteristics specific to off-road racing make the Rally an unstoppable motorbike on any type of terrain. These solutions together with a light and resistant forged carbon sump guard, gear pedals and rear brake lever machined from solid, unequivocally identify the Rally as a motorcycle designed to tackle the most extreme adventures. 


The DesertX Rally’s suspension is designed to tackle even the most difficult obstacles, improving the DesertX’s already strong off-road ability. Both the fork and the shock absorber, in fact, are characterized by the same technologies used on professional cross and enduro bikes. 

At the front end, the DesertX Rally is equipped with new billet aluminium plates, rigid and light. The fork is a closed cartridge KYB, a technology used on motocross and enduro racing bikes. 

This solution involves pressurizing the oil inside the cartridges to avoid cavitation, thus guaranteeing a homogeneous and consistent behaviour of the front suspension and the necessary support during the most extreme uses. 

Furthermore, to improve smoothness and resistance to wear, the fork tubes are equipped with Kashima Coating and the sliders with DLC surface treatment. Wheel travel increases by 20 mm, for a total of 250 mm. 

The rear is made up of an aluminium swingarm with a different attachment point compared to the standard DesertX, with a fully adjustable shock absorber with a larger piston to improve the bike’s behaviour in the most demanding off-road use. Rear wheel travel increases by 20 mm, for a total of 240 mm. Finally, to improve handling on the most demanding off-road terrain, the DesertX Rally is fitted with an adjustable Öhlins steering damper, fixed directly to the handlebars with supports machined from solid. 

The new suspensions have allowed the DesertX Rally to increase the ground clearance, which is now 280 mm (30 mm more than the standard), to enable it to overcome even the most difficult obstacles. 

Always with a view to improving off-road performance, the DesertX Rally is equipped with wheels characterized by specific measurements for off-road, more robust and lighter thanks to hubs machined from solid, carbon steel central spokes and high-strength Takasago Excel rims with inner tube. 

Finally, to underline the versatility of the DesertX Rally, as with the DesertX, triple homologation is envisaged for the tyres with Pirelli Scorpion Rally STR proposed as original equipment. To enhance its off-road capabilities, it is possible to mount Scorpion Rally, while for those who prefer to ride the bike on asphalt, Scorpion Trail II is available. 

Thanks to the use of high-level components, the DesertX Rally has a dry weight of just one kilogram more than the standard model despite the increase in length and size of the suspension. 

Ducati DesertX Rally
Courtesy Ducati

Engine and Electronics 

The DesertX Rally is equipped with the 937 cc Ducati Testastretta 11° twin-cylinder with desmodromic distribution. Maximum power is 110 hp at 9,250 rpm and maximum torque of 92 Nm at 6,500 rpm. This engine, characterized by regular and manageable power delivery to tackle any route, has been optimized for off-road thanks to a dedicated ratio and specific strategies and calibrations of the electronic systems. 

The six Riding Modes of the DesertX Rally (Sport, Touring, Urban, Wet, Enduro, Rally) have Cornering ABS, Ducati Traction Control (DTC) and Ducati Wheelie Control (DWC) recalibrated according to the new chassis and for more challenging off-road use. 

The electronic functions of the DesertX Rally are managed through the vertically oriented, high-resolution 5″ colour TFT display positioned to offer optimal visibility even when riding standing. This display is designed for integration with the Ducati Multimedia System which allows you to connect your smartphone, thus activating new functions such as music control, call management and Turn by Turn navigation* (optional) with road directions directly on the dashboard. Furthermore, the DesertX Rally offers the Utility Bar as standard for mounting the satnav. 

Service intervals for the DesertX Rally are every 15,000 km or 24 months, with valve clearance checks every 30,000 km. DesertX Rally will also be available in a 35 KW version for A2 license holders. 

Accessories and Apparel 

The DesertX Rally has all the essential components for off-road use as standard, but those who want to customize it can do so by choosing from the Ducati Performance accessories catalogue. To extend autonomy, it is possible to mount an additional 8-litre tank which guarantees almost 40% more, perfectly integrated into the line of the motorbike. Aluminium side cases are available which, combined with the top case, give the motorbike a total load capacity of almost 120 litres. For travellers who never stop there are also additional LED spotlights and heated grips. 

The steel tube engine guards protect the tank and engine from falls or impacts during off-road use. Finally, enthusiasts who wish to make the image of their bike even more racing can choose the Termignoni homologated exhaust. Anyone wishing to use the DesertX Rally in competition can improve the power and torque values by +7% by means of a racing exhaust, again Termignoni. 

Enthusiasts who want to complete their look will be able to choose from various specialist apparel proposals with graphics coordinated with the DesertX Rally livery. The collection, which also includes the women’s line, is made up of the Explorer jacket-trousers set, Atacama gloves, Explorer T7 boots and Arai Tour-X5 helmet.