The two-piece iXS leather suit is the ideal companion for sporty motorbike experiences. Consisting of the Sports LD Jacket & Pants RS-600, its style is structured just like a one-piece motorbike suit. The sporty design is not visually disrupted by the cover of the connecting zip, but instead runs dynamically over every side. White strips emphasise the distinctive sporty lines and the discrete iXS label expresses the brand’s many years of racing experience, whose know-how has flowed into this item of clothing.

The main feature: the jacket and trousers can be purchased separately. This provides the huge advantage of combining both pieces in different sizes and benefiting from an even better fit. The wide range of sizes for the jacket and trousers is multiplied additionally by different lengths. At the latest when you next stop for an ice cream, you will notice how practical a two-piece with a removable jacket actually is. And there are also even more options: For example it’s very stylish to combine the Sports LD Jacket RS-600 with trendy motorbike jeans.

The untreated full-grain calf leather offers the high abrasion protection that only leather can provide. Together with the high-quality protectors on the shoulders, elbows, back and knees (all Level 2) as well as on the hips (Level 1), the safety standard is at the highest level. The developers also placed great importance on an excellent fit. This became possible through the clever incorporation of stretch inserts in various strategic areas of the suit. The result is a streamlined and yet extraordinarily comfortable, with a sporty fit on tour (Tour-Cut-System). Ideal for speedy spins and also longer trips.

This leather suit has high-quality design details. The removable thermal waistcoat in the jacket will also keep you pleasantly warm in cooler regions. A light, breathable mesh lining in the jacket and trousers provides an optimal body temperature. If you want more fresh air, you can open the four efficient ventilation openings at the shoulders and on the back. Two outer, one Napoleon and two interior pockets are practical to accommodate the most important items. The zips on the arm and leg closures have an automatic stop feature. The front zip runs in front of the concealed wind-strip. Various gimmicks make the suit a universal item of clothing – suitable for every type of riding style. So you can always give your best on every route.