The roster of individuals exerting influence at the intersection of golf, fashion, and entertainment is limited. Foremost among them stands the legendary entertainer Bing Crosby, who, in 1937, inaugurated the widely acclaimed Crosby Clambake—an annual gathering uniting musicians, actors, celebrities, and professional golfers in an amicable competition centered around their shared passion for the sport. Presently, adidas and Malbon Golf unveil a distinctive product line, The Crosby Collection, paying homage to the early Clambakes and the camaraderie, spirit, and fashion emblematic of an era that significantly shaped the current golf landscape.

Drawing inspiration from the fashion trends prevalent during the inception of Bing’s renowned Clambakes, adidas and Malbon Golf have curated a comprehensive selection of products for both men and women, reinterpreting classic silhouettes synonymous with that era. For men, the collection encompasses button-down polos, pleated trousers and shorts, crewnecks, a lightweight sport coat, and an iconic cardigan influenced by one of the posters from the early Clambakes. The women’s capsule features a color-blocked dress adorned with an argyle print, polos characterized by slightly longer and wider sleeves, complemented by a boxier cut, and a form-fitting culotte pant. Notably, all products incorporate adidas’ cutting-edge technology and materials, ensuring golfers experience optimal performance on the course.

 “We wanted to create pieces based on the rich catalog that golf fashion gave us in the 30s and 40s along with what we saw in old photographs from Bing’s famous Clambakes,” said Dylan Moore, creative director, adidas Golf. “The entire collection is an ode to what golf and fashion became at that time in history but also celebrates how those same characteristics and fashion styles from that time still live on with golfers today.

 “With this collection, we wanted to pay tribute to the essence of golf and fashion by taking old silhouettes and modernizing them,” said Malbon Golf co-founder Stephen Malbon. “It was an honor to create a collection inspired by the legendary Bing Crosby. His iconic Crosby Clambake was a perfect celebration of the timeless connection between style, sport, and camaraderie that reflects our brand’s ethos.

 “The Crosby Family is so grateful to work with the adidas and Malbon teams in developing this incredible line of sportswear,” said Harry Crosby. “With the line’s casual performance wear being especially reminiscent of what dad wore, it truly sustains the recognition he had for sports and the golfing world.

In addition to the key pieces in the collection, adidas and Malbon will include a checkered anorak, a T-shirt in two colorways featuring the iconic clam decanters that were gifted to all amateur participants in Bing’s Clambakes, and a 5-panel hat. adidas will also include two limited-edition footwear offerings as part of the collection with a specially designed Stan Smith Golf model as well as the new MC87 that mixes performance with style.