Eberhard & Co. is taking another important step in honouring the generations of watchmaking entrepreneurs that led the way: a return to its roots, both the place of its inception and of a manufacturing tradition which has enabled what were once little villages to become the heart of an internationally recognised industry. 

This then, is Eberhard & Co.’s return to La Maison de L’Aigle, the historic building that was the pride of both the founder as well as the city, and that today is part of the urban manufacturing heritage of La Chaux-de-Fonds, listed by UNESCO. 

Eberhard & Co. returns to its hometown and the same grand space that hosted some of the most memorable moments in its history, reinstating its sign-written facade and contributing to the restoration of the Eagle, found to be in very poor condition, returning it in all its glory to both the city and to its role as symbol of Eberhard & Co. 

calibre 140
Image courtesy Eberhard & Co

This is not simply a change of headquarters, but rather a statement of change: change which, once again, is set to combine tradition and innovation, enhancing the historical legacy of the brand which has itself never ceased to grow, renew itself and celebrate its traditions. 

2019 is the year in which all of this will be presented to the world of watchmaking, with a new product that will be a source of pride and a symbol of many decades of dedication to the Art of Challenging Time, the result of a project aimed at enhancing the uniqueness of the brand and its ability to make courageous and independent choices. 

Eberhard & Co., with its new EB 140 calibre, celebrates the return to its origins. The hand-wound movement, featuring a unique architecture and very special structural and technical specifications, represents the most remarkable element of a new model destined for one of the finest market niches: that of timepieces with a vintage flair and their guarantee of the most reassuring features of quality and durability. 

Meticulous attention has been paid to even the smallest of details, including of course, aesthetics, in order to maintain a harmonious balance that emphasizes geometric shapes. In particular, both balance wheel and gear train bridges feature vagues circulaires finishing, with fasteners in azuré and engravings in gold. 

The new EB 140 calibre represents the first major step in a new stage of technical development which, as ever, continues to reflect the values that have always been at the heart of Eberhard & Co.’s philosophy, where the historical dimension goes hand in hand with constant innovation.