Already hailed as the epitome of chronographs worldwide, the OMEGA Speedmaster Moonwatch debuts its latest iteration, featuring a captivating lacquered white dial inspired by the marvels of space exploration and the illustrious history of the collection.

Enthusiastically awaited by Moonwatch aficionados since November 2023, when the inaugural edition graced the wrist of OMEGA brand ambassador Daniel Craig at the Planet OMEGA Exhibition in New York, the design is now officially unveiled and set for public release.

The hallmark of this timepiece lies in its exceptional white dial. Originating in 1957, the original Speedmaster aimed for effortless readability with its white hands and indexes set against a black dial. In this latest rendition, the reverse color scheme achieves the same clarity, with white dial adorned with black detailing and newly applied indexes. Additionally, a striking red Speedmaster name stands out, complementing the glossy lacquered finish—a first for the Moonwatch’s step dial.

The choice of white draws inspiration from astronaut spacesuits, particularly those worn during extravehicular activity (EVA) like spacewalks. This connection resonates deeply with the Speedmaster Moonwatch’s legacy as the premier watch worn on the Moon, officially embraced by NASA astronauts since 1965. Furthermore, the incorporation of red accents pays homage to the commander’s rank, symbolized by red lines on spacesuits since Apollo 13 in 1970.

Courtesy OMEGA

Another compelling rationale for the white dial stems from OMEGA’s historic ALASKA I prototype, developed as part of a clandestine NASA project to craft the ultimate space watch. Following extensive experimentation, OMEGA opted for a white dial due to its superior thermal reflection coefficient. The red Speedmaster name on the new model also pays tribute to the protective red case of the original ALASKA I watch.

Beyond the white dial, OMEGA unveils further craftsmanship details. The 42mm stainless steel timepiece is elegantly presented on a vintage-inspired stainless steel bracelet featuring five arched links per row, blending polished and brushed detailing for a timeless allure. Additionally, two alternative versions are offered, one featuring a black micro-perforated leather strap with red and white stitching, and another featuring an anti-bacterial rubber strap with a moon surface pattern for enhanced comfort and aesthetics.

For devoted Moonwatch enthusiasts, each timepiece’s black anodized aluminum bezel bears the iconic “Dot over Ninety” on the tachymeter scale, while internally, the watch is powered by the Co-Axial Master Chronometer Calibre 3861—the latest iteration of the legendary Calibre 321 relied upon by astronauts during lunar missions.