Indonesia-based Katalis company, which develops mobility-oriented projects, has developed the Katalis EV.500, an extremely stylish electric motorcycle inspired by the design of aircraft in the Second World War. The motorcycle named Katalis EV500 offers a driving range of 40 kilometers on a single charge. In short, it’s not much better in terms of performance than an electric bicycle, but dang does it look cool. There’s an almost steampunk-ish style to the thing, and the lines are modern and very cool

It seems that it could be constructed fairly easily. If you kept the 25 mph top speed I bet the right battery could get 40 miles or more. That would be good for commuters. For the physical build, Katalis enlisted the help of local customizer and paint shop Frontwheel, and the race team Garuda Motorsports.

There’s a new custom-made aluminum triple tree, and Katalis have swapped out the feeble stock rear shocks with Honda items. They’ve also replaced the front mag wheel with a spoked item, which now has an aluminum disc cover for added effect.

Three main variables were taken into consideration when developing the Katalis EV.500: first, the bike needed to provide a sense of freedom in access to mobility for its users; second, it should provide happiness to the riders; and third, it should be a pollution-free riding experiences.