How To Properly Care For Your Leather Shoes?

leather shoes

Have you got your new leather shoes? Great. You must have spent a lot of money over them as leather is nowhere in the reasonable range, right? This is why you must be taking some extra care for these leather shoes. But if you aren’t sure how to properly care for your leather shoes? We can help you in providing you with the complete mechanism of protecting your leather shoes. Firstly, you will have to make your choice regarding how do you want them seen. Is it the aesthetic beauty you are looking for? Or would you really like them to work longer? For most of the people, it is both of the things that they want. If you are amongst those individuals too, you can get benefit from this article.

Use Polish for leathers

Using polish on your leather shoes can increase the aesthetic beauty that you can associate with them. The polish will give your boots the instant shine that would make them look new every time you wear. However, there are certain things that you must take care of while polishing your shoes.

If you have been out in the mud with your leather shoes, you must take a semi-wet cloth or sponge to clean that mud off your shoes first. Because with the mud on your shoes, you cannot go for the polish directly. Once you have cleaned them, let them try completely before you apply polish on them. Same goes for the simple dirt on your shoes. You will have to remove it before applying polish. 

Don’t ever use polish on dirt. You’ll put scratches on your shoes, and they would be visible once you’ll go in light. 

Leather Conditioner

Like every other natural element, you can expect the leather to lose its moisture over time. With the loss of moisture, your shoes can particularly face a considerable wear and tear. This wear and tear can result in the shredding of the inner soul and sometimes the entire leather part of the shoe. There have been conditions when the new products have faced such issues after 3-4 months of their purchase. If you are scared of such problems with your leather shoes, then you must understand the reason for such a condition to occur.

In most of the cases, the reason for such a condition of leather items is the loss of moisture. The loss of moisture hardens it to the degree that it starts shredding off. So, to avoid such a scenario, you need to provide an additional layer of moisturizer to your leather shoes. This can be in the form of leather conditioner available in the market.

Such conditions help in retaining the moisture and ensure that the original shape of the leather is retained for a long time. In case, you are expecting these conditions to give shine to your leather shoes; then you are expecting something impossible. The leather conditions are designed for giving the missing moisture only, not the shine itself. You might want to use it once in three months for the best results.

Make them waterproof

If you need to save your leather shoes from the raindrops or snow, you must put some extra effort into caring. By making your leather shoes waterproof, you’ll be able to increase their utility in the best possible condition. The use of waxes or waterproofing sprays is the most apt for ensuring waterproofing. They can form an additional layer around your shoes that protect your leather shoes from all sort of water elements. 

However, the use of waxes on the leather product is a bit controversial. Some of the experts do not consider it safe for the long run. So, what you do now? If your leather shoes are prone to excessive water in the form of rain or snow, you might want to use these waxes to protect the shoes. However, in the case of lower or no exposure to such conditions, you might not want to use such controversial products. In the first condition, you’ll get your shoes damaged by constant exposure to water if you won’t use waterproofing materials. So, it is better to use such products in this scenario and avoid it in the later one.

Suede Brush

If the leather used on your shoes is suede. Then there is a completely different solution for protecting your shoes. On suede, don’t go for waterproofing, polishing or even damp cloth. All these products will destroy the suede layer of your shoes. 

For suede, the use of special suede brushes available in the market is the best solution. You can brush all the dirt particles hindering the actual look of your suede shoes, and you will get the neat and beautiful looking shoes within minutes. 

You don’t need to put in too much effort for taking care of your leather shoes. But yes, these are some of the techniques that you must incorporate in your daily routine with the leather shoes. Only then can you expect your leather shoes to look beautiful throughout the term of their usage. Moreover, you can even enhance the time limit of their usage too. So, this is how you must take care of your leather shoes, both in the short term and in the long term. We hope everything is clear now.