Structural lightness and visual lightness – these are the keywords behind the concept of the Arcadia Yachts A115. The fifth unit is currently under construction and will make its debut at the beginning of 2021. On the A115, the contrast between interiors and exteriors vanishes, creating a single environment that flows naturally between inside and outside. The perfect example is the upper deck, where 140 square metres are designed to create one convivial setting that has the jardin d’hiver at its heart, with full-height windows that provide close contact with the surrounding environment in every season of the year.

arcadia a115
Image courtesy Arcadia Yachts

On the fifth A115, the unique inside-outside relationship is highlighted by the style of the interiors and exteriors, which Arcadia Yachts has renovated with Italian based design studio Hot Lab. The elements characterising the exteriors can be found aboard and especially in the interiors.

If we were to make just two examples, we could pick the jardin d’hiver on the upper deck and the arch that connects the aft and stern of the yacht” explains Enrico Lumini, from Hot Lab.“In the jardin d’hiver we worked so that the transparency clearly perceived when viewing the Arcadia A115 from outside can be experienced inside as well. We achieved this with low furniture items concentrated inside the volume, away from the uprights and the large windows. Even for large elements, such as the 75” TV, we found solutions that reduce the visual impact as much as possible, such as hanging solutions.

The arch is a very strong feature, a distinguishing trait of Arcadia’s A range,” adds Lumini.“Arches matching the main one have been included on the decks, to bring to mind the exterior line when standing inside. I am referring in particular to the lobbies and stairs, which are very important areas to valorise on the A115.

When designing the interiors of the Arcadia A115, the intention from the very beginning was to give guests the same experience they can enjoy in a 7-star hotel, in which style, furniture elements and technical facilities are combined in a completely original manner. 

The idea was to start from designing the architectural structure and then identifying the contents that would best integrate into it and valorise it. This approach is the complete opposite to what usually occurs when designing a yacht this size, in which the components are integrated in the structures. The decision to use loose components essentially everywhere in the Arcadia A115 (cabins, hall, dining area, etc.) is linked to enabling the owner to easily replace the components if they wish, which allows them to choose from a broad range of solutions.

arcadia a115
Image courtesy Arcadia Yachts

The A115 is a yacht with an impressive layout, as the three decks offer 500 square metres of liveable space. There are four double cabins for guests on the lower deck, while the main deck’s bow area is dedicated entirely to the owner’s apartment – 40 square metres that guarantee perfect privacy. 

In the bow area of the lower deck, there are eight bunks for the crew in four cabins. The captain can  eventually be assigned a cabin on the upper deck that is directly connected to the wheelhouse. 


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