To rebel against the rules to create something that is unique and innovative – from this desire stems Rebel 50 G, the latest design by Christian Grande for the Italian shipyard Sacs Tecnorib

“This model, as the name implies, rebels against the classic ideas that want inflatable boats and open boats as entities with distinct souls,” explains Christian Grande“The identity of the rib remains, but on board we have recreated the large spaces typical of boats. To do this, I worked on the volumes, ‘playing’ with key elements such as the generous tube, which allowed us to raise the topsides stretching the overall mass, thus generating an unusual habitability on a 50-footer, while maintaining the safety features in manoeuvring and mooring that the tube ensures.” 

Christian Grande created a special hull window, designed to light the interiors in a unique and unexpected way and make the Rebel 50 G different from the very first time you look at it. “It is a portion of glass that seems deliberately suspended, hinting at an enthralling floating sensation,” says Christian Grande.   

The defining feature that sets this model apart from others in its range is the glass panel, which establishes a secure and enclosed environment. The letter “G,” characterized by its closed, composed, robust yet gently curved form, symbolizes the potential to establish a contained space seamlessly connected to the surrounding environment. Alongside the two side windows, there is an option to incorporate a sliding rear window for a complete separation between the interior and exterior. This integration allows for a blend of open-space usability and the key benefits of a cruising boat, providing comfort during sailing and protection in inclement weather.

Christian Grande Sacs Rebel 50 1
Credits Alessandro Guerrieri

“The Rebel 50 G is a revolutionary model, where the revolution also lies in the interpretation of the needs of a very demanding owner. An owner who wants to stand out, but at the same time wants to enjoy ample space on board and comfortable solutions,” continues Christian Grande. “This is why all the furniture elements, even on the deck, have the proportions of home design items. The cockpit sofas, for example, have seats as deep as 60 centimetres, just like you might find in your living room at home or on a maxi yacht.”

The walkaround configuration, which also provides great security when walking on board, and the large stern and bow sundecks further enhance the very convivial nature of this design. The bow offers a large sundeck and is characterised as the boat area with the most romantic soul, thanks to a corner with a chaise longue, ideal for admiring the view. “This area is meant to be an invitation to perceive sailing as a relaxed flight over water,” comments Christian Grande. 

Below deck, the emphasis on relaxation and sociability is consistently reflected in areas designed to amplify the notion of comfort, featuring ceiling heights surpassing two meters. Christian Grande has envisioned two possible layouts, both boasting ample storage space, generous volumes, and a high degree of privacy. The initial configuration encompasses two cabins: a master cabin located at the bow, equipped with a double bed, and a VIP cabin amidships where two 90-centimeter wide beds can electrically slide and unite if needed. The second arrangement, named Living, presents a single expansive cabin amidships, while the bow is appointed as a welcoming and snug living room complete with elongated sofas, a table, and a bar cabinet. In both setups, the bathroom dimensions, reminiscent of larger vessels, serve as a distinctive feature.

The furnishings, crafted from Ceppo di Gre’ marble, a porous natural stone with a refined grey-blue hue, are unconventional for a 50-footer. This marble lends itself to the creation of an elegant, understated atmosphere characterized by natural and subtly glossy materials, exuding a robust physical presence that invites tactile exploration.

The Rebel 50 G is aware of its own being and expressiveness, with an almost zoomorphic body, with features that create muscular-looking surfaces and immediately give off a feeling of power,” concludes the Italian designer. “Sculpted geometries that must be an expression of power and endurance. If I had opted for a more minimalist design, I would not have been able to communicate all this. But, at the same time, it is a graceful model that does not need aggressive colours to give itself character. It is no coincidence that the first model has a brand new colour, called Stingray, which vibrates between grey and powdery tones.”