Is it possible for a villa to evoke the same feelings as being aboard a yacht docked in a harbor? The unequivocal answer is yes. Take, for example, the villa owned by entrepreneur and influencer Serena Spinucci, co-founder of the Milaner brand renowned for its meticulously curated collection of clothing and accessories crafted by Italy’s finest artisans. Situated amidst the picturesque hills overlooking Lake Lugano in Switzerland, this magnificent three-story villa spans 650 square meters. It was meticulously designed by the influencer herself, with the collaboration of architect Tommaso Spadolini, whose son Giovanni oversaw the architectural aspects of the project.

Tommaso Spadolini designer
Photo Giuliano Sargentini

I met Serena and her husband in 2011, because they were friends of an Italian owner for whom I was following the refit of a yacht,” says Tommaso Spadolini. “It was on that occasion that they asked me to refit their yacht,Virginian, which was followed by the refitting of two more of the family’s boats. After so much experience together, Serena kindly asked for my help in designing the interiors and arranging the outdoor areas of her new villa in Lugano.”

Starting from this premise, thanks to the vision of the environments shared by Serena, the leitmotif of the project was immediately clear, both in the selection of colours and materials.

Tommaso studied every detail with the expert eye of a naval architect and, thanks to his many years of experience, he understood our requests and needs perfectly,” says Serena Spinucci. “He really managed to create a welcoming environment that often makes us feel we are on board our own yacht.” 

Tommaso Spadolini Lugano
Photo Giuliano Sargentini

Spread across three floors, the villa seamlessly blends into the rolling terrain overlooking Lugano and its picturesque lake. However, the original structure featured small windows, presenting the initial challenge: to seamlessly merge the indoor and outdoor spaces, allowing the garden and landscape to seamlessly intertwine with the villa.

To dissolve the barrier between interiors and exteriors, a series of structural modifications were necessary. This included the removal of certain pillars to accommodate expansive windows in every room, fostering harmony among the various spaces. Notably, the expansive glass walls of the living room, when opened, seamlessly merge with the surrounding garden, creating a unified environment.

Glass and crystal are two elements that we also wanted to use inside the villa,” explains Spadolini. “For example, the light on the staircase that starts from the garage and reaches the upper floors comes from a single skylight. This is why we have created glass plates, which allow the light to reach the lower floors as well. In this way, the almost aerial structure of the modern white painted steel staircase is enhanced, which contrasts with the classic style of the wooden cladding.”

Tommaso Spadolini Lugano
Photo Giuliano Sargentini

Oak wood dominates the interior, expertly crafted by the skilled artisans of Del Curto carpentry in Chiavenna. Prior to installation, mock-ups of all rooms were meticulously prepared at the workshop.

The interior decor blends modern and traditional elements seamlessly, with family heirlooms adding a touch of heritage. For instance, a grand tapestry flanked by ancient rudders adorns the dining room wall, harmonizing with contemporary pieces like the Mars round table, Audrey chairs, and the sleek Golden Cloud chandelier by Paolo Castelli.

Natural light floods the elegant space, effortlessly connecting the dining and living areas, accentuated by a modern fireplace doubling as a partition. Here, Promemoria sofas and a central coffee table juxtapose beautifully against a large antique carpet.

The master bedroom, boasting a direct view of the lake through expansive windows, opens onto a terrace ideal for leisurely mornings or relaxation.

On the lower floor, the children’s and guest bedrooms are conveniently situated adjacent to a well-equipped fitness area.

Outside, a carefully planned garden layout, conceived by Tommaso Spadolini and Serena Spinucci, blends elegance with functionality, highlighting the verdant beauty crafted by Hortensia garden design company.