Every year, car enthusiasts troop in from every corner of the world head to Switzerland to witness arguably the best automobile trade show in the world, the Geneva motor show. They get experience and get a first-hand look into the future of automobiles, with car manufacturing giants to small shops in the business of supercars displaying awesome concept cars. 

This year the Geneva motor show would most definitely feature more electric cars on display than previous years. Below is a list of the top seven electric car concepts that will be announced during the Geneva motor show in 2019. 

Aston Martin Lagonda All-terrain Concept Car 

Aston Martin lagonda

Aston Martin relaunched the Lagonda into a luxury Zero-emission brand, a secret they let the general public in on at the previous Geneva motor show in 2018. At this year Aston Martin will unveil the very first production model of the Lagonda all-terrain concept. A vehicle that perfectly combines style and effective use of space with Aston Martins advanced car technology.

Honda E Prototype

honda e prototype

In the 2017 edition of the Geneva motor show, Honda wowed motor-heads with the unveiling of the urban EV concept. With history set to repeat itself, motor enthusiasts are sure to be amazed by the design of the first production car in the urban EV series, the Honda E. A major eye-catching feature of the Honda E is its clean exterior. 

Skoda Vision iV 

Skoda created this engineering beauty to deliver high functionality and elegance. It comes with 22-inches wheel to give that aerodynamics presence, a fully electric car and a two motor with wheel drive. Instead of opting for the traditional look in cars such as wing mirrors have taken the fancy road by replacing them with cameras.

Audi Q4 e-Tron Concept

audi q4 e-tron
Image courtesy Audi

The Audi Q4 e-Tron concept will be revealed this year at the motor show. The interior of the Audi Q4 e-Tron is one key factor of the SUV, it features an innovative hexagonal steering wheel and a touchscreen infotainment system.

Nissan IMQ Concept Crossover

Nissan IMQ Concept Crossover

The design of the Nissan IMQ concept crossover makes it very much look like an elegant beast on wheels. Featuring a sweeping roofline on an SUV with a raised ride height and spectacularly designed tires, the Nissan IMQ concept crossover could easily steal the hearts of car lovers all over.

GFG STYLE Kangaroo

GFG STYLE Kangaroo

The GFG Style kangaroo is often regarded as being in a league of its own. This speed demon can eat up asphalt in a flash. Boasting of a top speed of over 155mph and an acceleration of 3.25 seconds from 0-62mph, it is a little wonder while it’s often referred to as an electric supercar.

Kia Concept Car

kia concept car

The Kia concept car is sure to turn heads when driving by and is expected to be revealed this year in Switzerland. Kia boasts of combining features of the sturdiness, speed and versatile in their electric car. The car features a totally new grille design from what we have come to be accustomed to with Kia and a spacious interior among others.