Tips For Becoming A Michelin-Starred Man

Somehow, even in this day and age, there’s this ongoing notion in some folks’ heads that men don’t need to know how to cook. It’s completely untrue. Not only is it one of the most universal pleasures in life, it’s also a daily necessity. It’s hardly very manly for a man to be dependent on his mother, or his wife, or the local fast-food outlet, to provide all his nutritional needs, now is it?

So below, we’ve gathered just a few of the various aspects of cooking you ought to look into in your journey toward becoming a man worthy of a Michelin star.


Perhaps this is a bit obvious, but heck, we’re talking about cooking for me. But learning the right approach to a delicate, even-sided grill – the sort that really cooks the meat all the way through – is hardly just for when you’re having steaks or burgers with the guys. Any well-balanced meal contains a decent amount of protein, and grilling is always the healthier alternative to frying. Get the art of grilling meat right, and you could be presenting a finely seared hunk of steak for the next family dinner.


Even if you’re not a vegetarian or a fitness fanatic, it hardly means salads aren’t for you. In fact, they’re one of the most effective ways of ensuring that a meal is properly balanced and nutrient-rich.

But making a salad – or at least, a really good and satisfying one – is hardly just a matter of grabbing some veggies from the fridge, sifting them through a grater, and chucking them into a bowl. No, a good salad – one that really complements a meal – is one whose ingredients are fully measured and balanced out, in such a way that creates that perfect balance of taste, texture, and nutritional value. Take some time to do your research, and check out salad recommendations from both chefs and nutrition experts.


We probably don’t need to tell you how very important a properly balanced breakfast is. It’s something that’s drilled into our heads from a young age – but only because it’s so vital. Nothing throws off the day of an active man quite like starting it out with an unsatisfying breakfast.

By learning to cook your own breakfasts, you’ll be helping yourself avoid the empty calories that you’ll so often find in the more pre-packaged breakfast foods. And it’s not just a matter of learning to properly poach eggs or make a healthy omelette (although, if you have time for such things, they do make for a wonderfully protein-rich start to the day). No, even if you prefer a simple bowl of cereal in the morning, it’s worth taking the time to teach yourself to bake your own muesli. Made well, it can last you for days, and it’s almost always more nutritionally rich than the stuff out of bags.

Stir fries

Frying isn’t always bad; and in many ways, stir fries are one of the best dinner recipes for the nutritionally conscious man. They’re quick, they’re tasty, they offer a great deal of room for experimentation and variation, and, when done right, they’re nutritionally great. And if you’re cooking for a similarly health-conscious special someone, well, it’s a great way to impress them.

Take a similar approach to stir fry recipes that you do to salads: investigate the recommendations of chefs and nutritionists alike. Look into what sort of veggies and meats go well into a stir fry, and how they ought to be balanced out in order to enhance the dish’s taste and its nutritional value.